Our Team

JinXu team members come from various cities in China, with the same dream, with their professional to create brilliant for the company, to provide satisfactory service for the clients.

Liu Haizhou

General Manager

The owner of JinXu Over 20 years experience management in breaker area Good at overall control, customer maintenance and financial management

Dang Jianrong

Deputy General Manager

Legal person OF JinXu Good reasoning, analysis and judgment skills Strong ability of management,planning and execution

Lin Shenglong

Marketing Manager

Over 11 years working in JinXu Excellent presentation skills, logical thinking ability, market insight and product understanding


Export Dept Manager

Over 20 years experience in overseas trading Strong sense of responsibility Good at solving kinds of difficult  problems from customers


Sales Manager

Over 11years working in JinXu 12 years experience in overseas trading

Cai Shengli

Technology and Quality Department Engineer

Proficient in circuit breaker technology Good at new product development

Lin Zheng

Material Control Department Manager

Loyal to the enterprise, responsible for the work Sensitive market analysis ability, familiar with market and circuit breaker material supplier

Hu Jianhong

Human Resources Manager

Unique vision and judgment ability Good at communication and coordination ability

Gao Xiaohui

Product Department Manager

Over 14 years experience in circuit breaker production Strong planning and steady delivery

Song Chengrong

Financial Manager

Over 9 years working in JinXu Careful, earnest and responsible in work Willing to help others, self-motivated and studious in life

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