JX-130 Digital Display Socket Tester

JX-S130/JX-S230 Digital Display Socket Tester

Digital Display Socket Tester have beautiful appearance and light weight, excellent performance and reliability, plug and measure, one key detection, intelligent digital display, automatic identification, high measurement accuracy, anti-slip plug and pull design characteristics.The shell and parts of this product are made of flame-retardant and impact-resistant materials with long service life.It is suitable for the line of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated working voltage 230V AC.The socket is mainly used for power socket wiring polarity detection and leakage protection switch safety, also can detect the socket wiring quickly and accurately.The tester with a display can measure the socket voltage and display.

This product mainly detect leakage protection switch of RCD rapidly and effectively,wiring is correct or not, whether missing phase line, missing zero line or missing ground line, whether phase line ground wire is connected inversely, phase line zero line is connected inversely, phase line ground wire error and lack of ground line.

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Basic Specification and Main Parameters


JX-S130   JX-S230

Working Voltage


Working Frenquency


Working Environment


Working Humidity


Storage Temperature


Storage Humidity




RCD Residual Current



Function Control Table




Optional design


with display/no display

Open Live



Open Neutral



Open Ground



Live/Grd Reverse



Live/Neu Reverse



Live/GRD Reverse,Missing GRD



RCD Leakage Current Test




Function key Analysis


Overall and Diemension(mm)




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