JXL8 RCCB 4P Magnetic


JXL8-63 series Residual current circuit breaker (without over-current protection) is suitable for the line of AC 50/60Hz,voltage 240V(2pole)/415V(4pole),rated current up to 80A.When there is human electricity shock or if the leakage current of the line exceeds the prescribed value, it will cut off the power rapidly to protect human safety and prevent the accident due to the current leakage.

It can be used as infrequent changeover of the line in normal situation. It is applicable to industrial area, commercial area, tall building and civil house.

It complies with standard IEC/EN61008.1

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Basic Specification and Main Parameters

Model Name


Pole number






Rated working current(In)


Rated working voltage(Ue)


Rated frenquency


Rated insulation voltage(Ui)


Rated residual operating current(I∆n)


Rated residual un-operating current(I∆no)



A&AC Type

Maximum operating time

I∆=I∆n  t≤0.1s; I∆=5I∆n  t≤0.04s

Rated making and breaking capacity(Im)

In≤50A 500A, In≤63A 630A

Limiting value of un-operating current


Rated limiting short-circuit current(Inc)


Mechanical life


Electric life


Protection degree


Enviroment temeperature


Installation level



Operation Principle Figure



Security Warning

● This product must be installed professionally.

● Operation with wet hands is strictly prohibited in case of electric shock hazard.

●The products don't have the dust-proof function with protection class IP20, please install in a sealed box when they are used in a dusty environment.

● The product can't protect the risk of electric shock that caused by two lines contact protection circuit at the same time.

● Residual current protection features is te sted and adjusted by the manufacturer,users can not adjust the product at random during usage.

● RCCB must not be wetted of soaked by rain, snow or water during transportation, storage and usage.


Outline & Installation Dimension


Product View

Wide Handle

The smooth lines of the handle are consistent with the human body

Customary handle radian

Reduce the pressure of water chestnut on fingers

Better pull !

DIN-rail mounting

Standard guide rail installation,save both time and labour

Easy installation

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