JXL2-63B 2P

JXL2-63B B Type

JXL2-63B Type B residual current circuit breaker is applied to the lines with rated voltage of 400V/415V~ (3P+N), and rated current of 63A. In case of electric shock or electric leakage current exceeds the specified value, the residual current circuit breaker can switch off the fault circuit in a very short time, protecting the safety of person and electric equipment.Conform to the standard: GB16916.1 IEC / EN61008-1, GB / T2279, IEC / EN62423.

1. lt can protect complex waveforms such as compound wace, two-phase or three-phase rectifier wave and smooth DC wave.

2. Suitable for photovoltaic power generation, frequency converter, charging pile and other occasions with large dc component.

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Basic Specification and Main Parameters

Model Name


Type (wave form of the earth leakage sensed)


Pole number



IEC61008.1  IEC62423

Rated working current(In)


Rated working voltage(Ue)


Rated frenquency


Ratedinpluse withstand voltage(Uimp)


Rated insulation voltage(Ui)


Rated residual operating current(I∆n)


Rated residual making and breaking capacity(I∆m)


Rated making and breaking capacity(Im)


Rated limiting short-circuit current(Inc)


Rated limiting residual short-circuit current(I∆c)


Mechanical life


Electric life


Protection degree


Enviroment temeperature


Installation level


Storage temperature



On DIN rail EN60715(35mm) by means of a fast clip device

Tightening torque

2.5Nm 22In-lbs

Wiring terminal copper size

25mm2 (25A/40A/63A)

Wiring terminal connection conductor size

25mm2 (25A/40A/63A)


Operation Principle Figure


Security Warning

● This product must be installed professionally.

● Operation with wet hands is strictly prohibited in case of electric shock hazard.

●The products don't have the dust-proof function with protection class IP20, please install in a sealed box when they are used in a dusty environment.

● The product can't protect the risk of electric shock that caused by two lines contact protection circuit at the same time.

● Residual current protection features is te sted and adjusted by the manufacturer,users can not adjust the product at random during usage.

● RCCB must not be wetted of soaked by rain, snow or water during transportation, storage and usage.


Outline & Installation Dimension

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