Automatic Reclosing Switch

JXREC Automatic Re-close Circuit Breaker

The JXREC recloser is a new design of itelligent electric protector and recloser, it breaks through the traditional electricity protected mode, use the mechanical intelligent control principle, combined with the high-tech electronic technology and developed a new generation of itelligent electric protection switch. With the use of safety control technology and electromagnetic ID type RCCB, under the circuit leakage fault, after the circuit breaker tripping off, the automatic closing mechanism will given 6 different time periods to tripping and closing automatically, achieve a unmanned automatic switching on and off, it requires no human intervention and fundamental solve the problem of power failure cause by electrical fault tripping or malfunction tripping.

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Product performance and Specifications

The JXREC mechanism specifications:

● Rated working voltage: Un=220 ~ 240V AC 

● Rated working frequency: 50Hz 

● Tripping times: 6 times 

● Tripping delay time: 10s,20s,30s,60s,120s,600s 

● Power of JXREC mechanism: P= :30VA 

● The JXREC error time: 0.4S<T<1S 

● Auxiliary contact: 1NO+ 1NC,NO dry contact 

● Auxiliary contact capacity: Vmax 250V Imax 2A


RCCB specifications:

● Rated current In: 25A,40A,63A; 

● Rated residual current I∆n: 0.03A, 0.1A,0.3A

● Pole number: 1P+N(2P),3P+N(4P); 

● Rated breaking capacity Im: 500A (In=25A40A)630A(In=63A); 

● Rated residuaI current and breaking capacity I∆m:500A(In=25A,40A) 630A(In=63A); 

● Rated limited short-circuit current Inc: 6000A; 

● Rated limited residual short current I∆c: 6000A; 

● Rated residuaI non-trip current I∆no: 0.5I∆n; 


Residual current tripping and breaking time chart


Recloser program working pattern

System locked manual reset protocol:

1).RCCB handle manual switch off.

2).Manual locking ush rod shut down and restarts again.

3)Start the remote switch on button.



Product appearance and installation guide



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